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              CSX  $70.31  1.52 (2.12)  /  ShipCSX  /  REPORT AN EMERGENCY: 1-800-232-0144  /  Accessibility IconAccessibility Icon

              Pride in Service

              The CSX Pride in ServiceTM program is one way we demonstrate our companywide commitment to honor and serve our nation’s veterans, active military, and first responders. Many of the communities we touch have high concentrations of military families, and we have deep connections to and gratitude for the first responders in and around all of the areas in which we operate.

              We are also incredibly proud that more than 3,700 veterans, active duty military and first responders have chosen to work right here at CSX. Together they form nearly one fifth of the CSX workforce.

              The CSX Pride in ServiceTM program honors and rewards military personnel and first responders for the sacrifices they make in the name of service. They and their families have chosen a difficult life so that we may have an easier one. For that, we are eternally grateful.

              Through a number of grant programs, as well as partnerships with incredible organizations dedicated to the same cause, we sincerely hope that we can provide these selfless individuals with the support and recognition they deserve.