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              Industrial Development

              Learn more about CSX Industrial development at http://industrialdevelopment.csx.com/.

              Are you looking to build or expand a rail-served facility? Interested in finding a property with rail access? Look no further than CSX's Industrial Development group. Each year we assist 100-150 companies in locating or expanding on CSX.

              Our experts will help you grow and target new markets by providing you with confidential project management guidance as well as unparalleled conceptual and design solutions. Whatever your industry needs, count on the expertise of CSX’s Industrial Development team.

              Industrial Development Managers - We'll help you expand your current site or find rail-served sites for new industrial development projects.

              Short Lines and Service Start Up - Responsible for onboarding new customers and strengthening relationships with short line and regional railroad partners. 

              Related Links - Other functions and groups related to industrial development functions and projects.

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              Property Services
              eBusiness Tools
              CSXT Intermodal
              CSX System Map