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              Business Headquarters

              Corporate Headquarters
              500 Water Street, 15th Floor
              Jacksonville, FL 32202

              CSX Transportation Inc.
              500 Water Street
              Jacksonville, FL 32202

              Shareholder Account Services

              Shareholder Services
              CSX Corporation
              500 Water Street, C160
              Jacksonville, FL 32202

              Investment Community, Security Analysts, Portfolio Managers

              Dan Schwartz
              Manager, Investor Relations
              CSX Corporation
              500 Water Street, 15th Floor
              Jacksonville, Florida 32202
              (904) 359-2255

              Bill Slater
              Head of Investor Relations
              CSX Corporation
              500 Water Street, 15th Floor
              Jacksonville, Florida 32202

              For all other inquiries, use the TellCSX contact form

              Shareholder Records

              Transfer Agent, Registrar and Dividend Disbursing Agent
              Broadridge DSP
              C/O Broadridge Shareholder Services
              P. O. Box 1342
              Brentwood, NY 11717

              Overnight Mail:
              Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
              ATTN: IWS
              1155 Long Island Avenue
              Edgewood, NY 11717
              Toll Free: 1-800-521-5571
              Outside U.S and Canada: 1-204-285-0874

              or go online:


              Request for Financial Publications

              To receive notification of press releases, reports and other materials posted to our website, please click here.

              CSX is committed to protecting the current and future environment, and no longer maintains an annual report distribution mailing list. Our annual and quarterly reports are available to view from our website. Please click here.

              To request printed copies of financial publications, please send a written request to:

              Investor Relations, CSX Corporation
              500 Water Street C110
              Jacksonville FL 32202