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              Contact Us

              If you are a new supplier interested in presenting your products or services to our Procurement Department, contact the Manager of Supplier Development at supplierdevelopment@csx.com, and register your company at csx.mysuppliernetwork.com. Please be sure to complete the “Edit Company” section to ensure we have as much information about your company as possible.

              Your registration details will be reviewed and discussed for any potential business opportunities. Suppliers will not be disqualified based on responses submitted during their registration.


              Areas of Procurement at CSX  
              Company Material Logistics Routing rules and logistics instructions
              Corporate Services Procurement HR Services, Benefits, Outsourcing, Corporate Travel, Environmental, facilities management, temporary staffing, etc.
              Energy Procurement Fuel, fuel additives, locomotive lube oil, lubricants, LNG/CNG exploration, natural gas and utilities
              Engineering Procurement Track material, infrastructure, ties, work equipment, signal, design and construction services
              Investment Recovery Sale/disposition of surplus, obsolete, and scrap assets and materials
              Mechanical Procurement Locomotives, freight cars, and machinery used to maintain these assets
              MRO Maintenance, Repair and Operations includes hand tools, power tools and chemicals, among many other categories
              Safety Supplier/contractor safety instruction, field safety
              Supplemental Procurement Purchasing card compliance, Travel Card Program, ice procurement
              Supplier Development Building relationships with new and existing suppliers; unique product or service offerings
              Supplier Diversity MBW/WBE/VBE development and reporting
              Technology Procurement Mainframe, distributed, desktop hardware, software, services, telecommunications, PTC
              Terminal Services and Equipment Procurement Lift equipment, containers, chassis, operations and maintenance services, pumps, hoses, snow removal
              Vehicle Procurement/Services Vehicle acquisitioning, fleet maintenance